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Environmental Cycling Sandblasting machine

      Environmental Cycling Sandblasting machine

        The environmental sandblasting machine, are specially designed for the large-

scale structure of the workpiece to remove toxic coat of paint, rust, dirt and oxide and 

other attachments, professional development of new environmentally recycling 

sandblasting equipment.

       With this device you can ensure that no pollution in the blast site, safe and non-

toxic, Maybe thoroughly clean the surface of workpiece material, get the required 

surface roughness.

       Applied to shipbuilding, locomotives, bridges, water conservancy, mining, 

petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, port construction, vehicle manufacturing and other 

fields. We may use the machine to clean dock warehouse duty, rust inside tanks, 

blasting wind tower etc.


■ efficient and environmentally design, sand and dust, rust, dirt and poison separate 

patent leather automatic recovery, abrasive recycling

■ No dust pollution operations, the actual detection of dust dirt recoveries: 100%

■ blowback protection settings, filter cleaning system can automatically remove dust 

protection filter life

■ Increase the operating radius, the working radius of up to 20 meters, surface 

treatment grade rating of Sa2.5-3

■ structure human design, car waterproof and dustproof structure, easy to move

■ safe and convenient control, remote control, handle switches, panel dual-mode full 

remote control

■ effort lightweight operation, blasting component combinations, lightweight design, 

easy work and effort

■ abrasive scope suitable abrasive grit, steel shot, corundum, alloy sand, glass sand

■ for a variety of artifacts, random switching medium and small gun mode, to meet 

the various parts

Technical Parameters;

Model:CSB--7.5                                       Power : 7.5Kw

Gas Pressure:4-8 KG/cm2                         Air Consumption:3-6 m3/min

Working Efficiency:15  m2/h                     Clean up Level :Sa2.5-3

Material Diameter :0.1-0.2 mm                  Weight :460 Kg

Size :1950x930x1830 mm                         Power : 3P 380V 50hZ 

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