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Conventional Tilting and Revolving Positioner

Conventional Welding Positioner with Tilting and Revolving

     Conventional welding positioner as a common positioner,widely used in the 

boiler, construction , oil field etc. The workpiece may tilt and rotation .

     The welding positioner allows the welding seam to be placed in a horizontal or 

boat position by turning or tilting the workbench. The worktable is stepless speed 

controlled by frequency conversion, and the worktable is driven by sector gear or 

hydraulic cylinder. It can be realized with the machine or welding machine control. 

Main Technical  Parameters

WP20 / Two gears on both side / Tilting and rotation



WP0.6 / Batch

Welding rotator ,Turning rolls, Welding positioner, Welding manipulator, Column and Boom, Light pole welding machine, H beam Welding Line