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Automatic Welding Manipulator Column and Boom

Automatic Boom and Column Welding Manipulator 

     Welding manipulator is also named as Column and Boom (C & B) a special auxiliary welding machine, which can weld the vessels, steel structure in all orientation by various welding methods such as circumferential and longitudinal welding line working with turning rolls.

   The manipulator have many function: the boom may retracting by VFD change speed from 100-1000 mm/min , the welding head may fix on the cross slide , the welding power may fix beside the column. Flux recovery system was fixed at the end of the boom.

   Usually the bed was fixed on the earth , rotating by motor or hand,moving on thguider by motor. The column and boom guider of our company all adopt widened rectangular type, These ensure stretching and lifting is in particular stable and reliable.

    The machines of our company all adopt widened rectangular guide.Stretching and walking is in particular stable and reliable.The machine's walking for dual motor driveno sliding phenomenon. Wishbone end load major (When our company used it in Anhui DAYI ship, which can carry two workers and flux, etc at the head of the boom). 

Main Technical Parameters

WM5050 /  Fix on the earth / Column revolved by motor

Electric box fix position

Electric box 

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