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Wind Power Stator Wound Rotator

    Wind turbine generator stator wire winding rotator is mainly used as copper uncoiling and coiling. 6 units copper wire wooden tray rolling , let the copper wire uncoiling, The worker coil the wire on the stator. 6 units wooden tray were divided 2 parts . 3 units composed of one positioner , they may rolling together and alone. The stator wire winding rotator was seted between 2 heavy duty uncoiling positioners. 


Main Technical Parameters

  • Stator rotator

1、Stator rotator max loading: 20 Tons

2、Stator diameter:4000-5500 mm

3、Stator rotator power: 3 Kw

4、Stator support roller material:PU wheels x 8 units

5、Stator support roller up/down:by hand or hydraulic

  • Copper wire uncoiling positioner

1、Positioner max loading: 5 Tons

2、Wooden tray diameter:800 mm

3、Wooden tray rolling : Alone and Together

4、Alone rolling power :1.1 Kw

     Together rolling power: 3 kw

5、Rolling speed adjusted by VFD

The workers are coiling the copper to the stator


Stator  rotator



Copper wire wooden tray positioner

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