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Loading Capacity 20 Ton Tanks Grow Up Assembly Machine

                          CWR20 Tank Grow up Assembly Machine

       While we want to combined many thin wall cylinder parts to one unit. The easy way is put each of them on the long pipe welding rotator. The long pipe is declining as a tapper, so every piece tank may extrusion combined together. 

       We shall produce this machine according to the user's special requirements. Can you tell me your workpiece diameter ?

The main technical parameters :

  1. Max loading capacity : 20 Tons
  2. Tanks diameter: 1000--4000 mm
  3. Tapper height distance: 150 mm
  4. Stress relief type : universal coupling
  5. Speed adjusted by VFD : 100-1000 mm/min

Two pipes connected by coupling


The tank on the long pipe

The motor and the pipe linked by coupling

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