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Common Tank Turning Rolls Use PU Wheels

Conventional Tank Turning Rolls with PU Wheels

    When we weld stainless cylindes , we often use PU wheels for standing tanks . 

PU wheels can protect cans surface , avoid to be damaged. 

   WR series conventional tank turning rolls is suitable  for  welding  of circular  cylinder the workpiece placed  on the wheels , the wheels center to center distance may be adjusted  by the size of the cylinder. 

      WR welding rotator often use 4 wheels for power and idler , Wheels Center to 

Center distance may be adjusted . 

      C to C adjust ways :  1) Right and Left Synchronous Screw adjust .  2) Crane lift 

and bolts fix . 3) Hydraulic cylinders adjust . 4) Motorized

      Power and idler rotator can be moved on the rail , we may adopt Manual or 

Motorized .

      Wheels material :  1)  Rubber with 2 metal wheels clamping  

                                 2) PU  

                                 3) Forging Metal

  Main Technical  Parameters  


1   Remote control box(by hand):wire   /   wireless 

2   Wheels material : Rubber with 2 metal wheels clamping    /   PU material  /  45# forging  steel 

3   Control motor :Two motors with 2 reducers    

4   Power  /  Idler moving  : by hand  /  by  motor

5  Wheels Center to Center distance adjust type : by hand  /  by motor  

                                                                         Screw / bolts fix 

WR40 /  PU wheels  / 2 motors

WR20 /  2 PU Wheels alined 

                                          WR20 /  PU Wheels alined 

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