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1000 Tons Traditional Tanks Rotator

WR1000 Traditional Tank Turning Rolls

     WR1000 tons conventional welding rotator is a special welding machine for making the cooling tanks of the Westhouse nuclear power plant of the United States . 

     The Traditional Tank Turning Rolls is suitable for welding the longitudinal and round seams of tanks, the tanks were placed on the tank turning rolls. The wheels center to center distance was adjusted by workers according to the diameter of the cylinder. Conventional tank turning rolls are usually used for heavy-duty tanks with large diameters

    Conventional tank turning rolls also known as: Conventional Rotators, Conventional Welding RotatorsTank Rotators, Welding Rotators, Welding Tank Turning Rolls,Tank Rollers, Welding Rollers, Welding Rolls, Vessel Rollers, Tank Rolls, Turning Rolls, Rotador Soldadura, Virador Soldadura, Rotores Tanques, Rotador Tanques, Rotador Tuberia, Rodillos Dirección, Rotores Tuberías, Rotores Cilindros, Rotador Soldagem, Rolos Giro

    WR1000 conventional welding rotator use 4 special forging metal wheels for power and idler turning rolls , Metal wheels Center to Center distance may be adjusted by manual.  The power wheels synchronous rotation driven by dual motors.

Shopping Guide of Conventional Welding Rotator:

1、How to choose" Loading capacity of tank turning rolls " ?

  Although the loading capacity safety factor of our welding rotator is over 1.3, but we still hope that the weight of tanks(cylinders) does not exceed 80% of our model. If the tank turning roll is used under the limit loading capacity for a long time, its service life will be reduced. 

  Taking WR100 welding rotator as an example: Design ultimate load capacity is over than 130 tons, safe loading capacity is 100 tons, the recommended weight of the cylinder is 80 tons .

2、Why do we require sufficient allowance for the load capacity of the welding rotator?

   A set of tank turning roll is consists of an active rotator and a passive rotator. When the cylinder is placed on the two units, there may be a phenomenon of weight deviation. This will result in one of the rotator having a larger load capacity.

3、How to choose welding rotators for very long tanks ?

   For longer tanks, we can configure multiple welding rotators, such as one active and two passive or multiple active and passive for supporting and driving. 

4、How to choose a welding rotator for thin walled cylinder with large diameters and light weight?

     This type cylinder can use an adjustable turning rolls, but it is best to use a dual drive self-adjusting turning rotator.

5、Why do large cylinders often use adjustable tank turning rolls?

      Dual motor drive, with greater driving torque;Distance of two roller is larger, making it look safer;Suitable for a wide range of cylinder diameters

 Main Technical  Parameters  


WR1000 /  Metal wheels /  2 motors with reducers

WR1000 /  Metal wheels /  2 motors with reducers
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