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Self Aligned Tanks Rotator with Moving Wheels

Self  Aligned Tank Turning Rolls with Moving Wheels 

        When we want to grow up the cylinders or long pipe, we often want the rotator to move on the railer.SAR series self aligned tank turning rolls is suitable for welding of circular cylinder, placed the workpiece on the wheel rack, the clamp frame themselves open to accommodate the  size of the cylinder. The moving system can be chosed by motor or manual. 

  Main Technical  Parameters     


1   Remote control box(by hand):wire   /   wireless 

2   Wheels material : Rubber with 2 metal wheels clamping    /   PU material  /  45# forging  steel 

3   Control motor :one motor with 3 reducers  /  two motors with 2 reducers    

4   Power  /  Idler moving  : by hand  /  by  motor

SAR250 moving with middle support

SAR20 Moving 

SAR60 Moving by 2 motors
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