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H beam Assembling Welding and Straightening Integrated Machine

H beam Assembling Welding and Straightening Integrated Machine

H beam vertical multi-functions Assembling-Welding-Straightening 3 in 1 integrated machine is a high efficient equipment for the production of H-beam. The machine can simultaneously complete the precise assemblyfillet submerged arc welding and flange plate welding deformation correction on the same machine. This type machine is suitable for the production of H-beams with a leg of fillet weld below 12 mm.

PHJ series 3 in1 integrated machine occupies a small area. It is a high-tech,economical and practical H beam productions equipment. Compared to normal single machine production line,the lifting and overturning steps between the assemblywelding and straightening are avoided, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

1Assembly details of the machine

1.1: Input / Output conveying roller tables 

The input conveying roller tables are consists of two driven roller tables and one passive roller table.The driven roller table is driven by AC motor/reducer with clutch and sprocket/chain.                               

The output conveying roller tables are consists of two driven roller tables with hydraulic elevating function and one passive roller table.The driven roller table is driven by AC motor/reducer with clutch and sprocket/chain.The table lifted by hydraulic.

The passive roller table is placed at both ends of the line. It has no power drive and mainly supports the H-beam. According to the length of the H-beam, we can appropriately increase the length of the passive roller table.

1.2: Flange & web plates pre-clamped system

Pre-clamping devices is fixed at the input side of the main machine. The web plate and flange plate are clamped separately by two hydraulic cylinders. According to the principle that two points determine a straight line, two clamping units are generally used, and the two clamping units are connected together by rods. 

1.3: Flange plate & web plate high-precision centering

In the initial state, the ends of the flange and web are not in the same plane. The steel plate end position alignment using a hydraulic cylinder drive the metal block overturn around the hinge shaft. The strong hing shaft avoids the cylinder directly bearing the impact force caused by the movement of the flange and web plate.

Flange/Web plate centering positioning clamp system is driven by a hydraulic motor, which greatly improves the positioning accuracy. The left and right sides move synchronously by a long shaft. The clamping wheels are installed on the sliding table, and the table can slide on the linear guide by ball screw. Compared with ordinary screw and sliding sleeve, ball screw and linear guide have higher transmission and positioning accuracy.The swing phenomenon caused by the wear of the sleeve-type sliding is avoided. 

Upper press roller is fixed on the slider. The up and down movement of the slider is drove by the hydraulic cylinder. Bottom rotate roller drive by AC motor.The rotating speed is changed by VFD.  

The material of roller 40Cr steel, its surface is quenched and tempered. The roller and rail surface have high hardness HRC 50-55.

2H beam welding system

H beam welding system is composed of submerged arc welding powerwelding gun guiding welding current conductive device and flux delivery system.

The fillet welding seam of the web and the flange is vertical, so the height of the welding leg has higher requirements on the position of the welding torch and the welding power. Our welding gun position adjustment mechanism is composed of cross-sliderwelding gun quick pressing system. The welding gun quick pressing is realized by two hydraulic cylinders. After the oil cylinder is lowered, the guide wheels close to the web and flange plate to ensure that the welding torch is aligned with the welding root. The front and rear positions of the welding gun can ensure that the welding seam is in the correct position.

Welding current is conducted to the earth through four conductive brushes. The conductive brushes are respectively fixed on the sides of the main drive roller. carbon brushes and copper belt have good electrical conductivity.

We often use direct current welding power DC-1000 (Lincoln Brand ) or ZX5-1000 (Zhouxiang brand). Direct current reverse polarity to obtain greater penetration and higher welding productivity. Silicon controlled rectifier (also named thyristor) welding power has good dynamic characteristics, arc stability, anti-interference.

Two sets 50Kg flux recycling and delivery machine was placed on the upper back of the machine.The negative pressure air pump is driven by an 3Kw AC motor with strong suction power. During the recovery process, the dust bag filters the dust, and the fine dust and flux are automatically separated. The reusable flux enters the small bucket through the large barrel.During welding, the flux flows out from the welding gun and spreads flat on the welding pool.

3H beam straightening system

Flange plate straightening structure is installed at the output of the machine.The tapered correction wheels press on the flange plate can be realized by two hydraulic cylinders. Compared with mechanical correction, hydraulic correction has the advantages of large correction force and fast working speed. The encoders can accurately measure the pressing distance of the straightening wheel

4Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is made strictly in accordance with national standard, and the layout is very reasonable meanwhile giving sufficient consideration of high-efficiency, energy-saving, and heat-saving. The system is independent, and we use professional sealant for connecting joints which can prevent the machine from leakage, with easy maintenance.

The layout of pipelines is simple with easy maintenance. In order to keep the oil clean, there is oil filter installed on the oil pump intake, the pressure oil from oil pump go through the pressure-adjusting system first and set the pressure , then going through the valve block, at last it reaches to oil cylinder through directional valve (reversing valve).

Hydraulic system use pressure control loop, speed control loop and direction control loop. The system can offer two kinds of pressure, hydraulic valve is Sandwich plate valve, which can adjust pressure,speed and direction.

Pressure control loop adjusts systems working pressure by two overflow valves ,overflow valve can also act as pressure limit protection.There is pressure relay inside hydraulic system, when pressure gets too big beyond rated , it can stop pressing to protect the machine .

Hydraulic system is composed of motor, high pressure oil pipe ,gear pump group, various hydraulic valve ,oil box and other accessories .

PHJ assembly-welding-straightening machine hydraulic functions include: preliminary positioning of flange and web plate, precise positioning of flange and web plate, alignment of the ends of the flange and web plates, upper press wheels elevating, left and right welding torch positioning, left and right correcting wheel press.

5Electrical control and working principles

Electric control system is composed of electric cabinet and control box. Control box was fixed on the machine with two welding power control boxes.

The electrical components mainly use the AC frequency converter and AC contactor of France Schneider, the Omoron encoder of Japan,Air switches of ABB of Sweden, etc. The pressing distance of the left/right straightener wheels can be calculated and displayed on the digital display table by a counter of encoder.The moving speed of the H beam can be adjusted by the AC frequency converter.

Power on/off , Start/stop knob of pump station,pump station indicator lamp is installed on the panel of electrical cabinet and control box. Two emergency stop knobs were installed on the main electrical cabinet and control box.

5.1: Working principles of main machines :

5.1.1: DRAG STEM (Dragon System)

FLANGE CLAMPWEB CLAMP: Mainly used for pre-clamping of flange and web plates.

FLANGE LOOSEWEB LOOSE: Matching the pre-clamping action of the flange and the web, and adjust the distance between the web and the flange.


STRETCHCONTRACT: The stretch of the stopper ensures that the head of the webs and flanges are aligned. After alignment, contract the stopper.

5.1.3: GANTRY

FLANGE CLAMPWEB CLAMP: Mainly used for high precision clamping of flange and web plates.

FLANGE LOOSEWEB LOOSE: Matching the high-precision clamping action of the flange and the web, and fine-adjust the distance between the web and the flange.

ROLLER PRESS: Apply enough force to compress the flanges and web together.

ROLLER LOOSE: Matching the ROLLER PRESS, and fine-adjust the force between the web and the flange.

ALL LOOSE: Quickly relieve the working force of all cylinders and improve work efficiency.


LEFT CLAMPRIGHT CLAMPLEFT LOOSERIGHT LOOSE:  Adjust the height of the straightening roller by hydraulic cylinder.

LEFT STRAIGHTENER counterRIGHT STRAIGHTENER counter: The distance of the straightening roller movement can be displayed directly through the counter


1# UP2#UP1# DOWN2# DOWN: Two out rollers elevated by cylinders, avoid the rollers were pressed and damaged.

5.1.6: TORCH

LEFT UPRIGHT UPLEFT DOWNRIGHT DOWN: Quickly adjust the welding torch position to improve work efficiency.


1# START1#STOP2# START2#STOP: Ensure that the flux can completely cover the welding seam to ensure the quality of the welding seam.

5.1.8: OIL PUMP

START / STOP: Control the start and stop of the oil pump motor.Provide pressure for the whole machine.


WELD / ADJ: two working state,H beam welding or H beam adjusting

WELD: We can realize the integration of various functions of H-beam movement and welding in the welding state. The welding speed can be adjusted by VFD, and read on the digital display of SPEED(m/min)

ADJ: Adjust the position of the H-beam before welding. In the ADJUST position , the speed is worked at FAST function.

FAST: Adjust the H-beam quick move to near the webs and flanges aligned device.See LOCALIZER .

SLOW: The beam is fine-tuned at a slow speed, which can accurately align the end faces of the flanges and webs.The welding speed was adjusted in the SLOW position.

FORWARD/STOP/REVERSE: Control the moving direction of the beam.


5.2 Welding power controller

In the H beam assembling--welding--straightening 3 in 1 machine, we generally use two sets direct current submerged arc welding power to weld both sides at the same time. The two welding guns are staggered back and forth to avoid the interference of the welding arc and welding wire remelting Pool .Welding voltage and welding current can be adjusted by knob on the panel. We can select different brands of submerged arc welding power according to the needs of customers

Technical parameters of our welding power

Name:IGBT(Insulated-Gate-Bipolar-Transistor inverter DC welding power




rated input voltage

3P 380V±10% 50 Hz

rated input current



rated input power

52 KVA


rated duty cycle



output no-load voltage


output voltage regulation range


output current regulation range



welding wire diameter

2~6 mm

shell protective class

IP21S(International Protection)

Insulation class


gross size LxWxH

750×360×810 mm

gross weight

110 KG

120 KG

6Flux conveying and recycling machine

HL-100 flux conveying and recycling machine is driven by an AC motor (3 Kw, 2870 rpm) to drive the vacuum negative pressure air pump (vacuum negative pressure: 0.016-0.02 MPa), which produces a strong suction. The dust bag filters the dust, and the particulate dust and flux are automatically separated. The flux particles that are not fully melted are recycled into the collecting bucket (capacity: 50Kg) on the side of the host. The recovery rate can reach 5 L/min.

7Main technical parameters

  • ModelPHJ0815
  • Web plate height: 160-1500 mm
  • Web plate thickness: 6-14 mm
  • Flange plate width: 200-800 mm
  • Flange plate thickness: 6-20 mm
  • H beam length: 4000-15000 mm
  • H beam forward speed: 0.3-3 m/min
  • Flux recovery and transport capacity: 100 L
  • Main driven power: 4 kW
  • Conveyor rollers power: 4 x 0.55=2.2 kW
  • Flux recovery and transport power: 2 x 3=6 kW
  • Pump station power: 5.5 kW
  • Hydraulic working pressure: 12 MPa
  • Welding power: MZ-1000

8Supply scope

Machine body: down bed, up door frame with hydraulic cylinder, flange plate centering unit with hydraulic motor, web plate centering unit with hydraulic motor,main driving system,welding current conductive device.

Straightening system: upper leveling rollers with hydraulic cylinders, down rollers, flange plate centering units.

Conveyor rollers: two sets power rollers, two sets power elevating rollers with hydraulic cylinder, two sets idler rollers.

Flange & web plates pre-clamped system: one set clamping rod with flange & web plate clamping cylinders, two sets passive clamping rod.

Hydraulic system: pump station(hydraulic,pump,valve,motor...etc), high pressure hydraulic oil soft rubber tube

Electric control system: electric cabinet(Frequency converterAC contactor...etc), encoder, control box

Flux recovery and delivery system: two sets of negative pressure air pump power recovery machine, separation cylinder, flux hopper, conveying pipe, etc.

Two sets welding power: MZ-1250 inverter welding power (Zhouxiang brand), wire feeder, control box and air-plug. Option: Two sets USA Lincoln DC-1000 welding power with accessory.

9Provide documents at the time of shipment

² Operating manual machine (including electrical principle drawing, hydraulic principle drawing, table of wearing parts etc, foundation drawing, machine certificate. etc)

² Welding power manual

² Flux recovery and delivery machine manual

² Bill of loading, commercial invoice, Packing list

10Executive standard of device

GB/T 28771-2012 H beam automatic products line

GB/Tl2468.2--1998Welding quality standard

GB8768-83The common technical requirements of hydraulic system

GB5226.1-2002  Native current standard of electrical control of device

11Main components manufacturers

Component name

Brand & Manufacturer



Ball screws & Polished rod

Taiwan HIWIN

Electric components


Oil Seal

Japan NOK

Hydraulic valve

China Huade , Germany Bosch Rexroth

Oil pump station

China Chuangli


Welding rotator ,Turning rolls, Welding positioner, Welding manipulator, Column and Boom, Light pole welding machine, H beam Welding Line