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Light Pole Hydraulic Press Straighten Machine

 Light pole hydraulic straighten machine  

   Light Pole also named as: tapers pole、round pole、octagonal light pole、octagon pole、octagon post、conical light pole、traffic pole、street pole、garden pole, power pole, signal lamp poles, square flag poles, 5G communication pole、road pole、pillar 、column、lamp pole、lamp pillar、lamp column、traffic lamp column、dodecagon street pole、light post、lamp post 、square lighting pole、garden lighting pole、airport high pole polygonal tapered street lamp poles、circular tapered street lamp post、tapers polygons galvanized post、LED solar street lights poles 、

1、Light Pole Straightening Machine Overview

    The light pole bending deformation can be existed because of large amount welding heat. We may straighten the pole by through this special press machine.

    This machine is consists of rugged and high strength base and hydraulic system.The machine body was welded by thick metal plate , so it can bear high compressive stress. It is easy that controlling the whole process .The special produced cylinder piston bar have a circle head which contact to pole.

 The deformation of welded street light pole straightening machine adopts the pressing point straightening principle. The left and right V-shaped blocks are used as the fulcrums on the workbench. Hydraulic cylinder drive the upper pressure head to move up and down to apply pressure on the deformed bending streetlight pole, so that the streetlight pole to be corrected will undergo reverse elastic-plastic deformation, thus eliminating bending and realizing the alignment of the streetlight pole.

    The street lamp pole is straightened twice during the manufacturing process. The first time is after the street lamp pole is submerged arc welded. Due to the effect of high temperature, the lamp pole will be bent  and needs to be straightened.

    The bottom of the street lamp pole is welded with flange plate and rib plate, and then the surface is galvanized. The high temperature effect during hot-galvanizing has caused deformation of the street lamp post again, so the second straightening work is required. The fine adjustment of the street light pole is a very careful work. If you want to adjust the street light pole with high verticality, you must control the extrusion points at each angle, and control the force properly to avoid excessive bending.

   The hydraulic straightening machine for street lamp post adopts semi-automatic hydraulic mode, uses the hydraulic pump station as the power source, drives the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder to move up and down, and drives the V-shaped pressure head to press the street lamp post. The control box adopts the wireless remote control mode, which is convenient for the operator to observe the deformation of the street lamp pole and fine tune the pressure head in a short distance. The operation is convenient and reliable. 

1、Light Pole Straightening Machine Technical Parameter

 Model: LPHS500 straightening machine

 Pole diameter: 60-500 mm

 Tube wall thickness: 10 mm

 Worktable length: 3500 mm

 Nominal rated working pressure: 100 Tons

 Throat depth: 500 mm

 Max. open height: 550 mm   

 Motor power: 7.5 Kw , AC 3P 380V 1440rpm

 Machine size: 3500x1280x2250 mm

 Gross weight: 3500 Kg

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