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Power Tower Shut and Welding Machine


 MODEL : 300/1500---12000

      This machine is mainly used for welding power/steel tower .It is compose of 

machine bed ,moving car , hydraulic system , Welding gun adjust system, welding 

seam tracker, Electrical control and welding power etc.

Main technical parameters

  • Pipe diameter 300-1500mm

  • Pipe length 2000 to 12000 mm

  • Plate thickness3 to20 mm

  • Pipe taper50mm / 1000 mm

  • Welding speed 300-2000 mm/min

  • Welding typeSAW  or CO2 gas shield welding

Main units brand

  • Motor and ReducerSEW (German)

  • Bearing Timken (USA)


  • Pneumatic ComponentsFESTO or SMC

  • Proportional pressure reducerBOSCH or ATOS

  • ValveBOSCH or ATOS

  • Welding powerLINCOLN or another

Welding rotator ,Turning rolls, Welding positioner, Welding manipulator, Column and Boom, Light pole welding machine, H beam Welding Line