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Pipe End Groove Beveling Machine

Q12 Series Pipe Beveling Machine

          Q12150 series Pipe Beveling Machine applies to pipe manufacture and installation in power station, petrochemical, chemical industry and shipbuilding industry.It is used for beveling processing in pipe manufacture and pipe welding.

         Q12 series Pipe Beveling Machine is formed by 5 parts: motor head, cutterhead, lathe body, clamping platform and electrical control system. which is fitting with different clamps, can process bend pipe and straight pipe . Clamping device adopting platform structure and flexible clamping can enlarge the processing range, and reduce distortion of pipe. Angle knife rest on the cutterhead can process medium and high pressure pipe: wall thickness more than 14mm.  Floating knife rest can process low pressure pipe: wall thickness less than 16mm.

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