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Light Duty Welding Positioner with Press Workpiece System

Light Duty Welding Positioner with Press Workpiece System 


      Welding positioner machine is a type of automatic equipment. It is supporting in 

MIG / MAG,CO2 and TIG welding source, making a set of special circumferential 

automatic welding system. This system is suitable for circumferential welding 

accessory of automobile and autobike, also suitable for the making of metal parts 

which need a mass of circumferential welding.

Main characters

1.The rotation structure is driven by the DC motor, while stepless speed regulation 

can be achieved.

2. The turning structure of worm and gear has the function of self-lock, and the 

worktable can be turned steplessly between 0-90° .

3. Special design of anti-electromagnetic, which reduces the high frequency 

interference of TIG's welding, and can improve the welding quality effectively.

4. A self-controller can be furnished to control the working condition and working 

time, which can achieve the linkage of the positioner and welder.

5. The adjustable-welding gun support can be furnished to fix the position of the 

welding torch.

6. Special design can be accepted.


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