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Plate longitudinal seam welder for material of Carbon / Stainless /Al

Plate longitudinal  seam welder for material of Carbon / Stainless /Al

   Steel plate butt straight seam welding machine is a longitudinal seam welding products. Main used for splicing plate length terms, can be used to weld a variety of materials (steel / stainless steel / aluminum / aluminum alloys / titanium / nickel, etc), applicable to gas-welding, TIG welding, plasma welding and other forms welding required (optional CO2, MIG / MAG, SAW, PAW + TIG welding, etc.).Side welding and 2 sides seam forming, their effectiveness has been significantly improved.

   Butt straight seam welder its structure and universal form of longitudinal seam welder structure is basically the same, by the door frame, beams, base, spindle, clamping device, on the device, conveying rack equipment, control systems and other components and then configure the necessary welding power and sensors, oscillators, filler wire agency, we can solve all kinds of sheet metal butt welding needs.

    Please tell me your requirements, we will special design for you.



12M Lendth plate


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