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Roller Hardfacing Machine for Getting Hardness Surface

Roller Hardfacing Machine for Getting High Quality Hardness Surface


           Roller hardfacing machine is a special revolving machine with SAW welding 

power DC-1000 or CO2 welding type with welding power KR630 for getting high 

quality hardness surface of wear - resistant roller. The roller revolved by motor. It 

can be revolved 360 ° and weld the circle seam easily . The welding gun moving 

along the longitudinal of roller's length .The welding seam exsiting by spiral or circle 

step by step model .

         According to customer's requirement , we can add heating device and flux 

recovery and transport system in the machine . If you are interested in this type 

machine , please tell me your roller's length / diameter / weight . We will choose a 

suitable medel for you .

Main Technical Parameters

The workpiece Diameter :  Φ200-1000 mm

The workpiece Length :  200-5000 mm

The workpiece Weight :  5-30   Tons

The workpiece rolling speed: 0.2-2 rpm (adjust by VFD)

The welding gun moving speed: 20-200 mm/min (adjust by VFD)

The Welding Power :  DC-1000  (1 or 2 sets)

We will special design according to customer special requirement. 


 RHM5 / Max lodading 5 Tons / 1 set welding power DC-1000


RM5 /  Welding gun may 45 Degree tilting

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