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Automatic Light Pole Shut and Welding Machine

 Automatic Light Pole Shut-Welding Machine

     Light Pole also named as: tapers pole、round pole、octagonal light pole、octagon pole、octagon post、conical light pole、traffic pole、street pole、garden pole, power pole, signal lamp poles, square flag poles, 5G communication pole、road pole、pillar 、column、lamp pole、lamp pillar、lamp column、traffic lamp column、dodecagon street pole、light post、lamp post 、square lighting pole、garden lighting pole、airport high pole polygonal tapered street lamp poles、circular tapered street lamp post、tapers polygons galvanized post、LED solar street lights poles 、

Machine Model: 320/12000、450/12000、550/12000 

1、Machine Overview:

     Light pole automatic shut and welding machine is a special conical pole welding equipment with high efficiency. The equipment is suitable for longitudinal seam welding of various metal cylinder, cone, prism, pyramid,square tube and so on.Shut and welding longitudinal seam by one machine. So that improve working efficient 3-5 times. Using CO2 gas welding and submerged arc welding . Automatic welding seam adjustment function to ensure accurate welding torch, welding automatically, without manual adjustment, welding seam forming beautiful.

2、Main Technical Parameters:

Light pole shape: taper polygonal or circle

Light pole diameter: 60--450/550 mm

Light pole length: 12000 mm

Light pole wall thickness: Max 8 mm

Pump station power: AC 4 kW

Trolley moving power: AC 4 kW

Trolley working speed: 0.2--- 2 M/min

Welding Power: DC-630  (Submerged Arc Welding and CO2 Gas-shielded welding

Welding wire diameter: 1.2、1.6、2 mm welding wire, according the pole thickness

to do selection

Gross weight : 7000 kg

Overall sizes(L x W x H): 22000 x 2000 x 2000 mm

Suitable light pole Diameter and Thickness ( Low carbon steel yield strength Q235)

Diameter (mm)






Thickness (mm)






3、Working Principle:

     The closing mode of the street lamp pole is that the hydraulic cylinder drives the chain and sprocket, and then the pinion drives the rack forward or backward to make the clamping wheel move synchronously to clamp/loosen the lamp pole. The clamping mechanism is fixed on a 50mm thick plate. The surface and middle holes of the plate are machined by the CNC machining center. During the clamping process, the gear and rack are always in a stress state, which requires high materials and processing technology. The pressure retaining valve and pressure gauge are installed next to the operation box, which is convenient for workers to adjust at any time.

     The street lamp pole is clamped on the mobile trolley and is pulled/pushed by the mobile trolley. The traveling speed of the trolley can be adjusted by the frequency converter. When welding, the welding is generally started from the end with larger diameter, and the clamping wheel is always close to the street lamp pole.

     The flux recycling machine is mainly used to recycle the flux. The welding pool is covered by the flux to ensure that the weld surface is smooth and beautiful.

4、The machine includes the following items:

1. Long working table with rack for pull dolly. 

2. Dolly for pulling pole 

3. Hydraulic clamping and welding unit 

4. Submerged Arc Welding and Gas-shielded welding(CO2) welding system, 

   including welding wire feeding system. 

5. The flux recovering system 

6. back support unit 

7. hydraulic system

How to select welding method and welding wire when welding thin wall street lamp pole?

The specification of the street lamp pole is determined according to the height of lamp pole. The height of the street lamp pole is related to the wall thickness of the street lamp pole and the diameter of the upper and lower.

The street light pole is generally made of high-quality low-carbon steel Q235A (Si0.04%, yield strength245Mpa). As the wall thickness of the street light pole is relatively thin (no more than 8mm), CO2 gas shielded welding or submerged arc welding is generally used.

When submerged arc welding is selected, the diameter of solid wire submerged arc welding is 1.2/1.6/2.0 mm. When welding thin plates, when using small diameter welding wires under the same current, the weld penetration is better, the weld penetration is smaller, and the weld formation is more beautiful. The diameter of welding wire is closely related to welding current, welding voltage and plate thickness. Common varieties of submerged arc welding wire are H08A, H08MnA, and HJ431 is used as welding flux.

Why are street light poles tapered?

1. Conical street lamp pole has better mechanical strength and can resist strong wind.

2. Conical street lamp pole can save materials and reduce cost compared with round pole.

3. The tapered street lamp pole is convenient for workers to install up and down, and is more beautiful and generous.

How to calculate the taper ratio of street light pole?

Compared with large/small rods and straight rods, the manufacturing process of taper rods is more complex, but the taper rods have the advantages of good wind resistance, high strength and beautiful appearance. The taper ratio of the taper bar refers to the ratio of the taper bar (diameter difference between the lower and upper diameters) to the height of the taper bar.

For example, the taper ratio of street light pole with lower diameter of 132mm, upper diameter of 60mm and height of 5800mm is:132-60/ 5800=12.41:1000

The normal taper ratio is (10-15): 1000, and the international standard is 12:1000.

 How to ensure the welding gun and the weld seam keep a fixed distance when welding the cone street lamp pole?

The welding gun is fixed on the cross-slider. Cross-slider and flux conveying/recovery system are fixed on the lifting rack of the upper clamping wheels which follows the upper clamping wheel. Adjust the upper/lower, left/right distances between the welding gun and the weld seam through cross-slider, so that the welding gun is aligned with the weld seam finely. The clamping wheel is composed of three wheels that can swing, so as to ensure that the clamping wheel can be stuck to the surface of the street lamp pole to the greatest extent when the tapered pole is welded.

What is the Maximum diameter of an ordinary street lamp pole?

The height of the street lamp pole used in the neighbourhood, school is 3-6 meters; The height of street lamps on rural roads is generally 6-12m; The height of street lamps in urban areas is generally 8-12 meters; The center of the square generally uses a 12-15m medium pole; The wharf and parking lot uses a 15-20m high pole.

Take the 20m high pole as an example, and make it in two sections:

The upper section is 10m: the wall thickness is 6mm, the upper opening diameter is 220mm, and the taper is 12/1000, so the lower opening diameter is 10000 * (12/1000)+220=340mm.

The lower section is 10m: the wall thickness is 8mm, the upper opening diameter is 360mm, and the taper is 12/1000, so the lower opening diameter is 10000 * (12/1000)+360=480mm.

Therefore, the maximum diameter of the street lamp pole is generally not more than 500mm. When we design, the maximum diameter is generally 550mm. It is convenient for customers to use.

How to design street light poles with a height less than 15m?

1. Light pole height average error: ±5%

2. Light pole taper: 12:1000

3. Straightness deviation:<0.2%

4. Rod straightness:<1 mm

5. Deviation of edge distance:+ 2mm

6. Torsion of lamp body:<5 °

7. Beam arm height (length): ± 1%

8. Twist degree of bending arm:<2 °

9. Offset deviation of bending arm:<15 °

10. Verticality deviation between flange plate and pole body:<1 °

11. Deviation of flange welding position:<2 mm

12. Thickness of zinc coating: ≥ 85 um

13. Spraying thickness of lamp pole surface: ≥ 100 um

14. Design safety coefficient: 1.8

15. Wind speed resistance: 36.9 m/s


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