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Hydraulic Elevating 3-axis Welding Positioner

 Hydraulic Elevating 3-axis Welding Positioner 

        3 axis hydraulic elevating positioner specifically designed for carrying、assembling and welding operations. The 3 axis hydraulic elevating positioner considerably reduces the moving of the workpiece and therefore the use of traditional lifting systems, and the work efficiency is greatly raised. The 3 axis hydraulic lifting positioner is an ergonomic machine featuring great flexibility. Our 3 axis hydraulic lifting positioner innovative feature is the possibility not only to tilt and rotate the workpiece, but also to lift and lower it.

         In some factories, they are wish to get a welding or assemblying equipment which has high security status.In welding positioner field , they like to use hydraulic type instead of normal motor with gear reducer.The machine have 2 steps lifting and revolving functions. The lifting by hydraulic system control . The revolving system drived by motor with gear reducer . The revolving speed can be changed by VFD.

       We had produced many this type machine and exported to market of  the world .If you are interested in this type 3-axis positioner,please contact to our factory. We will give you more details about this model machine .




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