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Hydraulic Elevating Pipe Rotator (EPR2 Model)

Hydraulic Control Up / down Pipe Rotator (EPR2)

       We often use high pressure water washinng rusted pipe . In the sea, the pipe was damaged by seawater and oil pollution. So we will clean the pipe and coat anti-rust paint. The high pressure cleaning water was ejaculated by special pump .  The pipe rotator shall be up/down moving because of different diameter tubes . Pipe surface can be closed to the watergun tip .   

      Please tell us your special pipe diameter and weight . We will design for you.

 Loading 2000 Kg / Hydraulic up/down / moving by motor 

Main Technical Parameters

Pipe dia.(mm)
Max load(kg)
Motor power(w)
 Wheel Speed (mm/min)  Wheels Size(mm)

AC 350 W


D250xW100(Special produce)


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