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3 Tons Portable Pipe Rotator PR3 Model

    Portable Pipe Rotator (PR3 Model )

     The light portable pipe rotator produced by our company has the characteristics of easy to operate, economical and wide versatility. Portable pipe rotator is widely used in the pipeline welding field of petrochemical industryPortable pipe rotator is suitable for pipe plasma/flame cutting, pipe flange welding, surface polishing and spraying, etc.

   This portable pipe rotator is consist of two units as active pipe turning rolls and passive pipe rotator.  The whole tube welding rotator has twelve wheels, the bottom eight units wheels and upper 4 units single wheels. The wheels surface using PU material .

   The active wheels drove by worm gear reducer with DC motor, the linear speed of the wheels adjusted by DC speed regulator. 


Main Technical Parameters

Pipe dia.(mm)
Max load(kg)
Motor power(w)
 Wheel Speed (mm/min)  Wheels Size(mm) Overall Dim (LxWxH)




AC 200 W

 80-1600  D200xW50




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