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Rolling Scissors Steel Plate Welding Groove Processing Machine

Rolling Scissors Steel Plate Welding Groove Processing Machine

    This type steel plate groove processing machine working by roller scissors.Rolling 

scissors is similar to single angle forming cutter,but its face without blade,the working 

principle is different to the milling cutter.

    It consists of rolling scissors, gearbox, adjustment mechanism, positioning support, 

compression mechanism and the rack components ...etc.This type machine is mainly 

used for Q235 , 16Mn e and stainless steel plate ...etc .the processed groove size is 

accurate, clean surface.

Main Technical Parameters

Tensile Strength δb(N/mm²)




Plate Type




Groove Width (mm)




Processing Speed (m/min)




Plate Thickness(mm)


Groove Anglr (°)


Machine Size / Weight

(L*W*H)1240*940*1500 mm / 1200 Kg

Motor Power

4.4 kw

Draft Rolling Speed

7.7 rpm

Rolling Cutter Diameter(mm)




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