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CNC/GDZ Series Flame Cutting Machine for Steel Structure Beam

CNC/GDZ Series Flame Cutting machine for Steel Structure Beam

Technical Performance

        This series of cutting machine is a high efficiency andhigh performance 

equipment,which uses gantry type,single drive or double drive,and combines CNC


control,precision mechanism and oxygen cutting.This machine uses advanced CNC


systen from abroad,such as Spanish Fargor and American Hypertherm.Its excellent


cutting parameters,reliable and stable features ensures the perfect cutting effect. CNC 

flame torch has auto heightregulator and auto igmition functions,which isconvenient 

for use.

Main Technical Parameters




 Track Length


 CNC Head


Straight Head


Drive Motor Kw 

Cutting Depth


Cutting Speed


 Free Running Speed


CNC/GDZ-4000  4000  15000  2  9


Single Side

 6-200  0-1500  6000
CNC/GDZ-5000  5000  15000  2 10


Double Sides

 6-200  0-1500  6000
CNC/GDZ-6000  6000  15000  2 12


Double Sides

 6-200  0-1500  6000
CNC/GDZ-8000  8000 15000 2 15


Double Sides

6-200 0-1500 6000


CNC/GDZ-4000 / CNC Head 2 sets / Straight head 9 sets / Single side drive 

GDZ-4000 /  Transverse Head 1 set/ Straight head 9 sets 

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