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H-beam Gantry 45 Degree Overturning Welding Machine

H-beam Gantry Welding Machine with DC-1000 Welding Power

      Gantry welding machine is mainly used for H-beam automatic submerged arc welding with double welding head, which can be two pieces of H-shaped ship position welding.

      The frame is welded with standard rectangular steel tube, light weight, high strength, automatic two-way arc device, high tracking accuracy, dynamic tracking of the weld .Automatic recycling of recycled flux.Gantry walking speed by AC frequency control, stable operation;

       It have following functions : fast return speed can improve work efficiency, return position device can be automatically stopped at the starting position;

       Welding power supply with my company produced MZ-1000 type submerged arc welding power supply.According to user requirements can be matching the United States Lincoln, Sweden and other international brands .

Main Technical Parameters

LMH-4000 / DC-1000 Power / Flux Recovery System

      LMH-4000 / DC-1000 Power / Flux Recovery System

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