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H-beam Web and Flange Plate Assemblying Machine

H-beam combined machine

 Product Description 

  This assembling-standing machine is applicable to the assembling of uniform and variable  cross-section of H profiled beam or T profiled beam steel. Adopt vertical assembly-standing type, compared with the traditional machines; the degree of automation on will be further improved. During operation, it is unnecessary to adjust sizes. The hydraulic clamp, positioning clamp and  point welding output may be completed at the same time, so the productive efficiency improves.  

Performance and Structural Features  

  The bidirectional automatic centering device can automatically complete the centering and positioning of plate without manual check and adjustment The main machine adopts two groups of automatically hydraulic clamp structure of flange and web, the swing problem about feeding web is solved.   

     In the double automatic CO2 point welding machine head symmetric device, the welding  gun adopts pneumatic feeding and mechanical guide wheel tracing, the quality of welding is high.  

  The main control system is controlled by the imported frequency changer and the  logical controller , the control calve of hydraulic system is controlled by the advanced fold valve.


Main Technical  Parameters

HZJ15 / 2 Sides clamping together  / hydraulic control /

HZJ15 / one side by manual / one side by hydraulic

HZJ15 /  one side by manual / one side by hydraulic

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