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Longitudinal Seam Welder with MIG/MAG/TIG/SAW welding type

Longitudinal Seam Welder with MIG/MAG/TIG/SAW welding type

      LSW Type Longitudinal seam welders is a main process equipment used to 

produce linear welds on abutting edges of thin wall cylinder or rectangular tube.

        LSW Type Longitudinal seam welders includes: machine  seat crossbeam 

 Hold down fingersBack-up mandrelWater cooling copper interleaver travel 

Carriage and Controldual Axis Slides etc.Hold down fingers can generates a 

clamping force of up to 25 kg/cm through air-operatedTravel carriage and controll 

is mounted on  the crossbeam,it is driven by a DC motor to make the straight line 

sport on the horizontal beam.Dual axis slides provided with manual or dynamoelectric 

typecontrol system can add the function  of arc length control or  welding oscillator.

Main Technical Parameters 


Electric control box


Cooling Welding gun








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