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Light pole shut-welding machine which export to Mexico

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MODEL: 450/12000 、550/12000

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    Light pole shut and welding machine is mainly for making Octagon or Round conical street/ garden poles.We may choose CO2 gas-shield or SAW Submerged Arc Welding type.

    It is an tapered pole automatic welding line, the dolly with speed adjustable motor can pull (or push) the light pole from small end to big end, The hydraulic cylinder through mechanical chain, worm wheel push the clamping wheel to close the pole and do welding at same time

The machine includes the following items:
1. Long working table with rack for pull dolly. 
2. Dolly for pulling pole 
3. Hydraulic clamping and welding unit (including 3 sets clamping wheels 
  for polygonal and circle pole) 
4. Submerged Arc Welding and Gas-hielded welding(CO2) Welding system, 
including welding wire feeding system. 
5. The flux recovering system 
6. back support unit 
7. hydraulic system 
Main Technical Parameters:
 Light pole shape: taper polygonal or circle
 Workable Diameter : 60-450 mm
 Workable length : 12000 mm
 Dolly length : 1500 mm
 Power of pump station : AC 4 KW
 Power of pulling dolly : AC,4 KW , Speed changeable by VFD
 Working Speed : 1.1~2m/min
Welding Machine : 630A, (Submerged Arc Welding or Gas-shielded welding(CO2) Welding)
Welding wire diameter : 1.21.62 mm welding wire, according the pole thickness and welding type SAW or CO2 way. 
 Gross weight : 7000 kg
 Overall sizes(L x W x H): 22000x2000x2000 mm
 Suitable light pole  Diameter and Thickness ( Low carbon steel yield strength Q235)

Diameter (mm)






Thickness (mm)






More details, please email us:

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